P.I.R.F. (Personal Information Request Form

Anyone facing a 12.6 reference hearing, or anyone who wants to know what information the CFC has on you, can (and should) submit a Personal Information Request Form. The PIRF form can be downloaded from the Govvernment of Canada website.

The institution that you are applying to is the Canadian Firearms Centre. You should ask for all records pertaining to your firearms license, application for a firearms license, registered firearms and application to register a firearm.

Once you have your form filled out, send it to:
Canada Firearms Centre
Jack Korwin
Access to Information and Privacy Coordinator
50 O'Connor Street, 10th Floor
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 1M6

The PIRF is used for personal information and as such there is no fee for submitting a request. If you would like to know when your application was received, you can send it registered with a signature required. You will then be given a web address and an Item Number which you can use to check when your application was received. You can even download a form with the signature of whomever signed for your application.

For a list of other Federal organizations, go to http://www.tbs-sct.gc.ca/gos-sog/atip-aiprp/apps/coords/index_e.asp.

Let us know if we are missing anything that you would like to see.  E-mail: RFCSask@Canada.com

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