Although some NDP MPs have voiced opposition to “the gun registry” it is our opinion that the NDP leader is no friend of gun-owners. Leaders’ personal positions, more often than not, quickly become party platform. Jack Layton, as leader of the NDP recently reaffirmed his anti gun stance. The Globe & Mail reported on June 4th that:

Note that the thrust is to “fix” the registry, not do away with it.

Mr. Layton’s anti gun history stretches back to, at least, 1991. We believe that any gun-owner contemplating voting for the NDP should read the following and draw their own conclusions. It is our opinion that an NDP government or even a minority Liberal government supported by the NDP would not be in our interests. Vote accordingly.

The following information was obtained from public records.

Jack Layton & Gun Control

At the May 27 and May 28, 1991 meetings of Toronto City Council, Jack Layton voted to endorse the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Big City Mayors’ Caucus resolution on Gun Control (May 10, 1991), which contained, among others, these demands for future gun legislation:

The FCM Gun Control resolution also contained these additional explanatory comments, including:

Also discussed at that meeting of Council was a motion on gun control put forward by Layton himself, which contained the following comments in its preamble:

And sought to do the following through municipal by-laws:

At the February 4-5, 1991 meeting of Council, Layton voted to adopt and submit to the Special Committee on Bill C-80 (Firearms) a report by Toronto’s City Solicitor that asked the federal government to amend the Criminal Code:

And contained the following comments on its recommendations:

Miscellaneous Quotes:

“Guns in the home and in the workplace are an accident waiting to happen; they're just waiting to be stolen or used,” (Toronto Star, March 20, 1991)
“We don’t target practice in the home, so there’s no reason to keep them [guns] there” (Globe & Mail, March 20, 1991)
“I support the idea of gun registration… We register all kinds of things. This need not be seen as the thin edge of the wedge to anything.” (Western Producer, January 9, 2003)
[1]Most semi-automatic weapons were not, in fact, Restricted or Prohibited firearms.