Recreational Firearms Community
of Saskatchewan

Subjects to Address with your Member of Parliament

The Issue of Bill C-68 is heating up and it is important for us to keep it in the spotlight.  Write, phone or e-mail you MP and let your concerns be known.  The following are some points that you can bring to their attention:

  1. The Government is considering introducing legislation to decriminalize marijuana for users as they feel the legislation should target only dealers and pushers.  They justify it by saying that this will help alleviate court overloads and costs and save taxpayer's money.  At the same time, Bill C-68 targets users and criminalizes them, but does not track those people who should not have guns. Huh? (see parts 10.67 and 10.68 of the auditor general's report for more info).
  2. Supreme Court says that pedophiles have a right to own pornography, but says firearms owners have no rights.
  3. Despite 68 years of registering handguns, Statistics Canada tables show there a steady increase in firearms homicides committed with handguns from 27% in 1974 to 58% in 2000.  Statistics Canada also reported that between 1997 and 2001, 74% of the handguns recovered from the scenes of 143 homicides were NOT registered. Statistics Canada tables also show that firearms homicides with rifles and shotguns that have never been registered dropped steadily over the last 27 years, from 64% to 31%.
  4. The SWF wishes to congratulate the people of Nunavut on their court victory granting them a temporary exemption to Bill-68 requirements for registration.  We fully support the Inuit, First Nations and all other Canadians who are working against this unbelievable waste of valuable tax dollars.  We also call for all Canadians to be granted the same exemption, as the Canadian Charter of Rights demands equal treatment under the law.