Prohibited Handgun (12(6)) Update
Canadian Shooting Sports Association

Justice Hughes of the Federal Court (Trial Division) has refused to hear our case.

December 21/05: Although we were not successful in Federal Court for a blanket amnesty for those non-grandfathered individuals with prohibited handguns, we did succeed in forcing the government to issue Notices of Refusal.

You can now protect yourself and fight this injustice by filing an appeal in Provincial Court

We are asking that every person who receives a Refusal to Register or a letter from the CFC advising you to dispose of your handgun(s), appeal the decision to your local Provincial Court

The Firearms Act gives you the right to challenge any refusal at NO COST TO YOU. The process is simple and we urge all affected individuals to exercise this right.

Once you file the Section 74 appeal, you are protected from police action until such time as a final decision is made by the judge, then you have a 'reasonable' period of time to dispose of the firearms if the judgment is against you. While you are under appeal, the police cannot seize the guns or charge you (Section 72).

The appeal form is very easy to fill out and detailed instructions are posted on the website (

If you file a Section 74 hearing, LET US KNOW IMMEDIATELY ( We will be providing you with the legal advice and paperwork for your case. As well, we will be present at many of the hearings and appeals to set up a test case which would set a precedent for all the other cases. This is your chance to help us fight this injustice and we strongly urge you to exercise your rights and appeal

If, however, you decide that you cannot or do not wish to proceed with this process, and decide you just want to hand the gun in to the police, PLEASE DO NOT! - that is what the government wants you to do.

Here is another way to dispose of your 12(6) guns: We have arranged for a well known firearms retailer to accept your gun on consignment (we will make the arrangements. Call 1-888-873-4339 or e-mail us at and any proceeds from the sale can be donated to our Legislative or Court Action fund.

I>f you have any questions or concerns after reading the material on the website, please do not hesitate to contact us. We may have lost the first round, but we are not through yet! Not by a long shot.

For more information on starting your Section 74 hearing, visit the website

John B Holdstock
BC Wildlife Federation
Kelowna, BC
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