My name is George and I am a criminal!

They say that confession is good for the soul. Well, here goes: My name is George and I am a criminal!

No, I don't rob banks, beat up people or molest children. I don't even cheat on my income tax. I am a criminal because I don't have a piece of paper.

I have tried several times but they just won't give me that little piece of paper called a Firearms Possession and Acquisition Licence. So, now I'm a criminal. I have held a Firearms Acquisition Certificate since 1978 and renewed it faithfully every five years. Although I received no reminder that my license was to expire at the end of March, I sent in my picture and $80 for a renewal in February. By the end of March, no licence had appeared.

Only a few months earlier, the provincial government had sent me a reminder that my driver's licence was about to expire and I had renewed it in just a few moments. They even took my picture for free!

But no firearms licence appeared in March or April or May.

Then, on June 10, I got a letter from the Canadian Firearms Centre returning my application and picture (but not my money!) and informing me that I had not filled out the proper forms. They can't get me a firearms licence in three months, after spending a billion dollars.

It's worse than that. I tried to register my firearms in December and haven't heard anything about that yet either. Of course, not having the registration certificate for your gun is also illegal, so I am two times a criminal.

I did my part. I'm not playing any more stupid games. Since the provincial government refuses to enforce these laws, I guess I can expect the RCMP to show up at my door one of these days.

George Spark

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