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Justice Minister Charged With Contempt Of Parliament

37th Parliament, 2nd Session (September 30, 2002 - )

Edited Hansard * Number 038
Wednesday, December 4, 2002
Question of Privilege
[Hansard Page 2257]

Mr. Garry Breitkreuz (Yorkton-Melville, Canadian Alliance): Mr. Speaker, I rise on a question of privilege regarding a grave matter relating to information that I requested through a question on the Order Paper. Recent events have led me to believe that there has been a deliberate attempt by the Department of Justice to deny me a correct answer.

My question of privilege will charge the parliamentary secretary who delivered the answer to the House and the Minister of Justice who is responsible for his department with contempt for sending me misleading information with regard to Question No. 131 from the last session.

I will present four points, Mr. Speaker, that you will need to consider together before a prima facie case of privilege can be made. I would ask that the Speaker examine, first, the question that I submitted to the government; second, the response given by the parliamentary secretary; third, the Auditor General's report and her comments following the tabling of her report; and fourth, the perception created in the public's mind through the media.

I will begin by laying out the procedural grounds on which this question of privilege is based.

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