A Call To Action!

NOTE: The date for Oscar's court appearance has been changed to Thursday, May 13, 2003.

On Tuesday, 11 May 2004, at the provincial court house in Edmonton, Alberta, Mr Oscar Lacombe, Sergeant-at-Arms (Honorary) for the Alberta Legislative Assembly will stand before an Alberta provincial court judge to hear the verdict on the Criminal Code Sec 91 (1) charge of “unauthorized possession of a firearm”, that is, Mr Lacombe openly and readily stated in court that he possessed neither a firearms license nor a registration certificate for his firearm “because it is my Right to own this rifle.”

“I have owned a Coey .22 rifle like this since I was nine years old,” Mr Lacombe said in court. “I killed deer to help feed my family. I carried a rifle in Korea and used it to kill people, under orders. I do not need Ottawa telling me now how to be responsible with a firearm,” Mr Lacombe testified.

Mr Lacombe “fired the first shot” in the defense of our Freedom when he carried his rifle to the Alberta Legislative grounds on New Year’s Day 2003.

Mr Link Byfield has gotten directly involved by publicizing Mr Lacombe’s plight.

LUFA has gotten directly involved by paying Mr Lacombe’s legal expenses.

Now it is our turn !!

Come out en mass Tuesday, 11 May 2004, to support Mr Lacombe.

We plan to implement Mr Bruce Hutton’s plan to show the world that we will not submit to an unjust law.

Bring a signed “confession” stating clearly that you own firearms without “benefit” of license.

Bring a photograph of you holding your unregistered firearm.

Have these statements and photos ready to hand to the news media.

Bring NO firearms !!

We will be meeting on the court house steps and we will all be killed if anyone shows up with any type of weapon.

We follow in Mr Lacombe’s peaceful footsteps, to honor his commitment to our Canadian heritage of responsible firearms ownership.