Armed crime falls to zero in one of UK's main gun-owning areas

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Armed crime falls to zero in one of UK's main gun-owning areas

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There was not a single incident of crime involving a firearm in the year 2000 in an area with one of the UK's highest levels of legal firearm ownership. Figures published by the Scottish Executive show Scotland's Northern Constabulary recorded no firearms crimes or offences last year.

The constabulary area, which covers the Highlands and Islands had 2784 fireams and 3600 shotgun certificates per 100,000 population in that period. Even offences involving air weapons were down to nothing. In Scotland as a whole there was a 9% decrease in recorded offences involving a firearm. Of the 938 recorded offences, 61% involved airguns.

Dr Colin Shedden, director of BASC Scotland said "Once again, the Scottish Executive's own statistics clearly demonstrate that the alleged link between the private posession of firearms and crime does not exist. In addition ten shotguns and six rifles were reported stolen across the country last year. That's 0.009% of legally held guns, and means the chance of your gun being stolen is less than one in 10,000." More than half of all reported offences in Scotland in 2000 occurred in the Strathclyde Constabulary area, which has the country's lowest rate of legally held guns. (190 firearms and 503 shotgun certificates per 100 000).